Self-funded Companies Rock!!!

Building mini-castles with great cultures instead of cookie cutter track homes.


Sovereignty is a community of the great independent companies who believe they can deliver more value to the World by being Independent.

  • Self-funded growth creates a better company

  • Independent companies benefit employees, customers, their local communities, and the World in a HUGE way

  • Build long-lasting companies with the possibility of owning for life

  • Profitable & Proud

  • Purpose driven companies lead to long term growth

  • You believe in the power of core value decision making

  • A profitable business is a healthy business

  • Self-awareness and vulnerability are traits of great leaders

  • Confidentiality & Vulnerability

  • Celebrating longevity instead of transactional (funding, sale, etc)




Why join this movement?


Surround yourself with peers who are going through the same journey you are.


You are different than 95% of the businesses mentioned on TechCrunch, or highlighted in press releases.  Show your customers, industry and potential employees that stand for something fundamentally different than the closest competitor.

Best Practices

Learn through the experience of others how to break through your next ceiling of growth (personally and company-wise).

Sovereignty Summit

An exclusive learning experience only for Sovereign companies, only held once per year.

Show the World

Help us spread the word of the value of self-funded businesses to our economies and communities.




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