Who is Sovereignty?

Our charter at Sovereignty is to enable companies to manifest greater long-term destinies by maintaining their sovereignty. We do this by creating a community of self-funded companies that are self-sufficient through their own profitability. We own meaningful interests in companies and support their long-term missions in ways that improve the World in which they operate.

We are passionate about supporting and growing great, built-for-life businesses — the kind that elevate humanity, create customer love, and enable co-workers to grow and thrive.


Take a stand for sovereignty.

Join us as we stand for independent companies all over the world. Provide your information below and we'll follow up with information on how you can get involved.

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Bill FLagg

I am passionate about growing GREAT, built-for-life, self-funded companies -- the kind that elevate humanity, customers love to shout from the rooftops about, and co-workers thrive in.

As co-founder of Sovereignty and co-owner of SurveyGizmo, SnapEngage, PosterBrain, StickerGiant and Avid4 Adventure, I live out my passion by working closely with self-funded businesses to guide them in their sovereign path.  

I live in Boulder, Colorado with my wife and three daughters. I love to swim, bike, ski, travel, and read as much as possible. Through the Flagg Family Foundation that I established in 2008, I contribute to organizations that inspire people to follow their hearts and dreams.



Jason Eckenroth

I am passionate about purpose-driven, core-value led businesses. I believe businesses can create success because of their culture, not despite it. I bootstrapped my first company, ShipCompliant over a 16yr time frame to a $12MM ARR industry standard. 99 percent of those results were driven by an incredibly talented and engaged team.

I believe in the power and possibility of self-funded companies and work to educate and empower entrepreneurs tackling the exciting challenge of building a self-funded business.

As Co-Founder of Sovereignty, I work with self-funded, independent, and profitable companies to define and scale their cultures and product growth strategies, and guide them toward a path to sovereignty.