A community of thriving, Self-Funded Companies

We love self-funded, independent businesses and the magic they can bring to the world… to our employees, our customers, and our communities.

We love the journey that we all have made in building from scratch, hire-by-hire, by the bootstraps of what our revenue could afford to pull up.

We love that our teams have grown up together and care about the company as if it were their own. That we survived together and now thrive together.

That’s why we created Sovereignty...

To celebrate and empower more companies to take and stay on this magical path of freedom, success, fun, and independence.

Whether you are an owner, an employee, or a customer of a sovereign company, come join us as we light up the world, with our great independent companies.

- Bill and Jason

Sovereignty is about creating a community of people who take pride in their journey of building their company independently and want to build something great for the long haul.