Empowering Self-Funded Businesses

Welcome to Sovereignty

Our charter at Sovereignty is to enable companies to manifest greater long-term destinies by maintaining their sovereignty. We do this by creating a community of self-funded companies that are self-sufficient through their own profitability. We own meaningful interests in companies and support their long-term missions in ways that improve the World in which they operate.

We are passionate about supporting and growing great, built-for-life businesses — the kind that elevate humanity, create customer love, and enable co-workers to grow and thrive. At Sovereignty, we operate from our core beliefs: 

Business can enhance people's lives by building great built-for-life companies
Quality before growth is crucial - if we get better, customers will demand we get bigger
Success is realized through a focus on company culture
Self-awareness and vulnerability are the keys to being a great leader
Building companies for life instead of focusing on the exit

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As a Sovereignty member, you'll be supported on your independent path by a community of like-minded leaders and provided access to entrepreneurial experts and community events. We are currently accepting applications for membership. 

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