What is Sovereignty?

Sovereignty is a community of successful independent businesses and leaders who’s companies are self-sufficient through their own profitability.  Our members are in control of their destiny, but recognize the tension of success and maintaining sovereignty, and wish to face this challenge together.

What are the principles of a sovereign company?

As founders of mainly bootstrapped and customer-funded businesses, we’ve surfaced a few beliefs our member’s hold in common together:

  • We think, and act long term.
  • You CAN self-fund growth, and stay profitable.
  • We are building great, durable, growing, profitable businesses with congruent cultures which impact our communities locally and globally.
  • We are not building our business to flip it to the next buyer.
  • It starts with us.  As leaders, we get the company we deserve.
  • Alignment: All stakeholders in our business are aligned on the desire to build an enduring, profitable and impactful business. This includes founders, leadership, ownership and investors.

The Team

Why join this movement?

You are different than 95% of the businesses mentioned on TechCrunch, or highlighted in press releases.  You believe that acquisitions and fundraisings should not be the only manifestations of success for business owners. You are growth oriented both personally and professionally and wish to surround yourself with others aligned on these same values.

A Unique Peer Group

Surround yourself with peers who are going through the same journey you are.
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Learn Best Practices

Learn through the experience of others how to break through your next ceiling of growth.
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Show The World

Help spread the word of self-funded businesses to our economies and communities.
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